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Aeration Systems Ltd. specialises in the manufacture of membrane diffusers for air, type DM-320A and in the construction of aeration systems using these diffusers. The main applications are in activated sludge processes and aerobic sludge stabilisation in wastewater treatment plants. Other applications include an aerated grit removal plants, equalisation and mixing tanks, flotation tanks, for agitating water and other liquids in industrial production processes as well as fish breeding tanks.

Aeration Systems Ltd. was established in 1996 following the merger of two firms Ecohydroengineering and Eco-Nik. The company was set-up by Professor Dr. Ilia Papazov and Senior Research Associate Dr. Angel Nikolov, engineers with many years of experience.

The company has its own base and personnel for pre-assembly of the aeration system components. The site installation is carried out by our own installation team.

Aeration Systems Ltd. has 100% ownership of all manufacturing equipment (mould, die, models and stands) required to produce the components of DM-320A diffusers (membranes, bearing disks and stainless steel rings for fixing the membrane to the disk) and the relevant sections of the air distribution network (plastic nipples with a seat-shaped lower part, height-adjustable bottom supports, attachment clamps made of stainless steel etc.).

Aeration Systems Ltd. has adopted the principle of sub-contracting the manufacture of the DM-320A components to partner organizations based on permanent framework contracts. These contracts set up the technical requirements and conditions for use of the manufacturing equipment. The partner organizations, manufacturing the membranes and bearing disks, are also registered to the international ISO quality standard.