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WWTP - BIOVET Jsc, Peshtera town

The treatment plant treats the wastewater discharged by the pharmaceutical factory BIOVET Jsc. The wastewater has pollution pontetial equivalent to 94,000 p.e.

Before the reconstruction, the aeration system of the activated sludge tank consisted of perforated pipes. The aeration had low oxygen transfer efficiency and high air and energy consumption.

The aeration system was upgraded using membrane diffusers type DM-320 which provided high oxygen transfer efficiency. Energy savings in the range of 2.1 million KWh/year were realised.

Total number of diffusers, stage I: 1800;
Total number of diffusers, stage II: 1800;
Diffuser density: 1,56 dif./m2;
Air flow per diffuser: 4,00 Nm3/h




Reference for WWTP Biovet Jsc, Peshtera town

“...the aeration system of the activated sludge tanks Stage 1, using membrane diffusers DM-320, operates well and meets the treatment plant requirements.”

Sincerely Yours,
Angel Zhelyaskov and Eng. Ivan Batakliev
Executive directors of “BIOVET Jsc”, Peshtera:
Eng. Stajko Stajkov, Manager of group “Ecology”


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