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WWTP – Troyan town

The treatment plant treats the wastewater of 72 000 p.e. The diffusers DM-320 were installed in the aerated grit removal tank.

Total number of diffusers: 230;
Zone distribution of the diffusers;
Air flow per diffuser: 2.60, 4.60 and 5.00 Nm3/h




Reference for WWTP, Troyan town

“With reference to your inquiry we hereby inform you that the aeration system of Troyan WWTP, installed in 2005 using DM-320 membrane diffusers, operates well, in compliance with the design parameters and meets the requirements of the treatment plant.”

Sincerely Yours,
Dipl. Eng. Gechev
Director of Water Company “Steneto” Ltd, Troyan town


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